Sarah Discours is a Berlin based graphic designer. Coming from beaux arts ultimately led to a fascination for design and layouting, which she intensified at École Supérieure d’Art et Design in Valence (FR). She decided to go deeper in exploring various ways of practicing by working with Nina Couvert in The Hague, Frederique Gagnon in Montreal and Sean Yendrys in Berlin. Get in touch for new projects by email.

Visual identity for Truongii a fashion label based in Berlin, including logo, lookbook, stationery and website.

→ Possible Mediums
is a book presenting works from a group of architects working through speculative design mediums. Design assistant for Sean Yendrys. Published by Actar.

→ No More Frustration
is a graduation show self-organized, curated and designed for the ESAD Valence Graphic Design Master. The idea was to show the student projects through a virtual gallery in order to have a wider public and an endless overview of their works.

→ A School A Park
Web design with Sean Yendrys and Marco Land for A School, A Park, a summer graphic design school created by Sean Yendrys in Montreal.

→ Not Interesting
Andrew Atwood’s first essay attempts to develop a language and structure about architecture, maintaining that it is as interesting as boring, confusing and comforting. Book made with Sean Yendrys. Published by AR+D.

→ 183 days and no
Publication that gathered photographies and mails exchanged with Frederique Gagnon during a stay in Montreal.

→ Raising Cattle
Poster tests for an exhibition of the gallery made during an internship with Frederique Gagnon.

→ Portrait of An Artist
Huerta Marin dialogued with seven extraordinary female artists to explore the subjects of gender and studio practice. Book made during an internship with Frederique Gagnon in Montreal.

→ Fragment of Pietas
This still unknown invention of the mystical imagination began in the Middle-Age, in the period in which the Virgin Mary finally appears in the catholic iconography. A set of publications, created according to their contents define visual codes of this studied corpus.

→ Le Livre Comme Forme Symbolique
From codex to e-book , reading materials have constantly evolved according to our needs. This book has a two types of reading, inspired from print and digital forms of reading.

→ Inside Magazine
Spread tests for the magazine of the KABK architecture department, made during an internship with Nina Couvert.

→ Portrait of a Monument
Johnny is a solo monument of Valence, as ancient and quiet as them and this book let him speak for once.

→ Rose Show
Typographic revival from Antique No 8, made in a three days workshop with Sarah Woodhouse and Baptiste Gerbelot Barillon.